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Sacramento Kitchen Design Blog

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September 21, 2009

Thank You WordPress!  I am very excited to start blogging.  This is my first blog ever.  Lets see………  So an introduction is in order.  I am the Designer at Nar Fine Carpentry in Carmichael, CA.  We are a kitchen, bath and home remodeler.  I am here to blog about design.  What I like, what I hate, what is hot, and what is not!  So more about me, I began designing kitchens and selling cabinetry with my father in 1995, in northern California, after that I attended UC Davis, got my BS in Design, and now I am in lovely Sacramento, designing kitchens once again.  Kitchen design is my true calling.  I love to cook, so I spend time in the kitchen.  And of course, if you spend countless hours in one place, it better be pretty.  It is truely amazing how our environment can effect our happiness. 

So why am I blogging?  I write long emails.  My friends don’t like that.  So I am blowing off steam, and maybe, if I get readers, they will enjoy it too. 

My likes: Contemporary design, clean lines, wood, distressing, and quality craftsmanship. 

My favorite type of kitchen to design (even this suprises me):  The rustic /eclectic / country kitchen. 

Things I want to blog about: Design Trends, Sacramento’s Design Style, Most Popular Kitchen Cabinetry, How the Economy is effecting my Designs, The Home Remodeling Forcast, Quartz v. Granite, The HGTV Network, ect.

My blog will be more informative rather than about myself, so please join me, make comments, and of course be my facebook fan  and visit our website


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Nar, spoke to Jeanne Reaves at the SACTO Golf Tourney. She was pleased you donated something to the auction. Pubbing for you big guy!

Tim Hemmen

October 1, 2009

let me know when you need corporate sponsors for such events. Nar Fine Carpentry likes to be involved in the local community.


October 3, 2009

We are having lots of fun putting together a new web site for nar fine carpentry of sacramento. With many contemporary kitchens in our most recsent portfolio, we will have a Nar fine carpentry kitchen of the year vote. thank you sacramento!


November 15, 2009

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