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Will I need a designer?

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Many people that do a kitchen or bath remodel underestimate the time and effort they will spend researching products, comparing prices, and debating with their contractors about features they want to include in their projects.  Even if you are doing simple replacement cabinets for the kitchen, or updating fixtures in your bathroom, a designer is always helpful to assist in pulling the project pieces together.

83266077No matter if your project is low budget, or super high-end, designers help by educating their clients on which products will suit them best.

If you are thinking of doing a remodeling project, ask yourself these questions?
•    Do you know about all available materials and fixtures?
•    Do you know about color palettes, lighting, and traffic flow?
•    Do you know what features will increase the resale value of your home?
•    Do you know about building codes and regulations?

Your designer will address all of these issues.  The fact is, many homeowners do remodeling projects on their own, and end up with updated homes, that could’ve been amazing projects with a little direction from a knowledgeable designer.

Designers are really there to be your friend.  They will develop a relationship with their clients to precisely understand what that client wants to gain from the remodel, whether that is to gain more efficient storage, a trophy kitchen, or a more convenient bathroom space for guests.  Designers are there with the interest of helping their clients generate a finished project that will be beautiful, efficient and well worth the time and money spent.

Who will not need a designer?

If you are looking to simply update your kitchen and replace cabinets, and countertops in the same position as your existing ones, you do not need a designer.  If the intent of your project is to update before putting your home on the market, with the least amount of capitol and work, you do not need a designer.  The fact is that many contractors will do whatever it is you are looking for, because of the competitive nature of the contracting business.  On the other hand, if you are unhappy with your existing kitchen because; it doesn’t suit your household, there is not sufficient counter space or storage, the layout doesn’t complement your home, or you want a cohesive and stylish kitchen or bath to suit your style, you need a designer.

“The details are not the details. They make the design”
-Charles Eames

by Nicolette Patton


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