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Cabinet Compromise

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My husband came in to the showroom yesterday and chose from our wall of Columbia Cabinet doors his favorite.  It was a knotty alder, distressed, slat panel, shaker style door.  And I thought… how could I have married this man and never realized that he had such bad taste?  I mean, I like the door, but not for my own kitchen.  This got me thinking, when it is my time to re-do my kitchen, how am I going to come to an agreement on style with my husband?

I help my clients through this predicament everyday, but of course I don’t know what goes on when they get home.  My father always told me that he thought many marital problems begin when a couple is doing a remodel.  I never really thought anything of it, until the slat panel door incident with my husband.

It is all about compromise!  Remodels are not easy, so sit down with your partner and discuss style, colors, and materials prior to shopping.  Buy some kitchen and home magazines.  Make a scrapbook of ideas and compare these with your partner to understand why they are partial to certain characteristics.  A few magazines later you will start to see clearly what your partner’s design style is.

So maybe my husband is a bit rustic and I am a contemporary.  And my other client likes traditional, while her husband likes contemporary.  The good news is, there is always a way to incorporate or compromise with both styles.  Keep an open mind, and always keep your partner involved and don’t let one style or opinions take control of your design.  You and your partner will be enjoying the kitchen for years to come!

by Nicolette Patton

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