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Recycled Glass Countertops-Worth it???

November 24, 2009 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

There are now numerous companies that make green, recycled glass countertops.  To name a few, Vetrazzo, Icestone, Cosentino, Enviroglass, Gilasi and Rinato.  They all have unique color combinations and material composition and they all represent a great and progressive idea in green design.  Anyone remodeling these days have considered at one point or another, to use  green products.  The problem is…  they are still more expensive than non-green products.  Even though the wave of green remodeling/building began about 6 years ago, the products pricing still reflect a low demand.

My first experience with Glass countertops was with Vetrazzo.  And how much greener can you get, I am here in Sacramento, and only 65 miles away in Berkely, Ca. is the Vetrazzo factory.  Working with Vetrazzo wasn’t exactly easy, as it was the first time my fabricator and I had worked with the material.  It was the red with white fill, and it turned out gorgeous!  What a countertop!  The client was happy, except that a few of the edges were chipping out, which we took care of.  After that Vetrazzo went into exile, closing the factory for almost a year to perfect and refine thier product.  In that time, I was becoming introduced to others, such as Icestone.  The Icestone pricing was much like Vetrazzo, not so popular with my clients pocketbooks.  So many of my clients end up doing something more traditional (and less green), like granite, or quartz.

Some time later, I had the pleasure of doing an Icestone job.  We did green cabinetry, bamboo flooring, donated old appliances, salvaged and refinished doors and ceiling material, and of course the recycled glass countertops.  This client in particular was very dedicated to her green remodel, so no trouble for her to justify the extra expense.

What I am presently hearing from my clients is that green is nice, but not the driving factor in their decision making.

So what is a Kitchen Designer of Sacramento to do?  This isn’t Washington, or San Francisco, unfortunately we don’t have a large community of Earth Firsters or Organic lifestyle followers.  The key is to get people to see more value in using these products than in using non-green products (without preaching).

So I won’t preach, and in fact, I really don’t need to.  The products are beautiful, the maintence is fairly simple, and the space will look unique for years to come.  So do your research consumers.  And lets move these green products like we should, because they are worth it!

by Nicolette Patton

Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling & Design


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