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After Thanksgiving Remorse: Put the large appliances to rest & start using small appliances to slim down before the Christmas Bird

December 2, 2009

The Nar Fine Carpentry office is not quite big enough to be able to work off those extra holiday calories.  Sitting at my computer most of the day and occasionally rising for a cabinet door or countertop sample doesn’t qualify my job as “physical.”  So it is time for the after holiday diet plan.  I am not much of a dieter, but I do like to implement helpful eating habits to help out a bit.

During the holidays we give our large appliances a good work-out.  Lots of baking and mixing.  Unfortuneately, all those baked goods contain white flour, butter, sugars, fats and other not-so-healthy ingredients that are oh-so-tasty.  And then comes the bird or holiday ham, which aren’t so bad alone, but as American’s, we have a habit of overeating, which is bad for our digestive system.

I have always been a believer in the Raw Foods Diet, but I can’t seem to totally commit, but by implementing a few tools and methods, one can reduce saturated fats, sugars and sodium by cooking (or not cooking) using your small appliances.  So give your oven a rest before Christmas, and dust off the blender, food processor, salad shooter and juicer.  Start your day with a banana-oatmeal smoothy, or make up some homemade salsa to top your black beans and salad.  Get a good recipe for hummus and wash up some celery sticks.  Make a zuchinni and onion pasta sauce,  juice up some apples, or make a simple salad.

If you just slow down the Holiday endulgence, you won’t have such regret at the end of this holiday season.  So remember those smaller appliances, and to think simple.

by Nicolette Patton


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