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Designing for your Feline

December 21, 2009 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I must admit, I am a dog person.  Cats can be super cute, but are more mysterious an independent creatures.  They leave the house at random hours of the day, they always look like they are up to no good in the streets, and they really do have nine lives!  The dog people always talk about the reasons why dogs are better than cats, or why cat people seem so odd.  The basis of most of the comments are in regards to the litter boxes of cat people and how unnatural it seems.

It is true, even for cat lovers, the litter box is somewhat of a conundrum.  Where does it go?  Can you smell it?  When do you empty it?  Is there a litter box that is not an eyesore?

A few years ago, I met a couple of cat lovers, who were also perplexed with the idea of leaving the litter box where it could be seen.  The request of the client was simple, they wanted to put the litter box in a cabinet equipped with a roll-out litter box, that was accessible for their cats.  So when remodeling their kitchen and mudroom, we developed a solution to the litter box dilemma.

We found that the best room for the litter box was the mudroom, which was adjacent to the kitchen, but had its own exit to the backyard.  The solution was a custom tall cabinet with no toekick with a Roman Arched doorway cut-out on the side, and a flat, roll-out shelf for the litter box that pulled-out towards the front.  We used a fixed shelf 30″ above the floor to seal off any odors from the storage space above.  The remaining height of the cabinet was used for mudroom storage.  The result was a subtle and stylish solution to every cat owners litter box dilemma.

Even if you are not remodeling your house, but wish to hide your cats potty box, there are several inexpensive “feline cabinets” that can provide you with an elegant solution.  The “Refined Feline Litter Box Cabinet” in a Honey finish, also has room for toy storage on the interior of the cabinet.  Various other model and finishes are also available.

So remember, if you have pets in your household and you are doing a remodel, don’t leave their needs as afterthoughts, design a pet station/center into your mudroom, laundry or kitchen, and create a space that is functional and beautiful for your prized pets!

by Nicolette Patton


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