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9 “Must-Haves” in a New Kitchen

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As a Kitchen Designer, there are many features I suggest to incorporate in a new kitchen.  You could easily add-on an extra $5,000 in extras and upgrades, but these 9 Must-Haves are essential for a new kitchen space.  Whether you are building new or remodeling, be sure to include these in your space.

1.  Good ventilation. Think twice before re-using your 5-year-old range hood, or buying a new downdraft for looks.  A good ventilation system can save your new cabinetry, your indoor air quality, and keep your house from becoming “stenchified”.

2.  Built-in trash. Do not leave out a built-in, double trash pull-out.  Even if you are space restricted, you want to put that trash in a cabinet.  Trash units are made from 12″ wide to 24″ wide.

3.  Full backsplash. You may save some cash with a 4 or 6″ splash as opposed to the full 18″ height, but we all know that things always turn up on that splash (who knows how), and it is much easier to clean countertop or tile material than a texture and paint.  Not to mention, a full backsplash can really complete a styling of a kitchen project.

4.  Under Cabinet Lighting.  See your food.  Lighting is easy to install with existing cabinetry as well.  What you need: Extension cord(s), transformer, puck or strip lights and a clip or bracket to attach lights to underside of cabinets.

5. Eating bar. Make your kitchen a social and convenient space.  Provide at least 2 stools for quick meals and this also gives your guests a comfy place to sit while you work hard on their meal.

6.  Full Extension Drawers. You don’t need to purchase the fancy dovetailed drawers to get a full extension glide.  Think about a cost-effective melamine drawer that has the full extension hardware.  That extra 3″ space in the back of the drawer really makes a difference when it comes to organizing, cleaning and finding what you are looking for.

7.  Personalized Appliances. Rather than buying an appliances package using the same brand name, make sure to research each appliance with an appliance specialist to confirm that you are buying appliances with all the features that you desire.  Mixing brands is acceptable, just make sure appliances that are adjoining such as a microwave/oven stack, cooktop/oven stack, cooktop/downdraft combo are of complementary sizes and aesthetics.

8.  A Quiet Dishwasher. Not all manufacturers have low decibel levels.  With kitchens becoming open to other living spaces, the importance of a quiet dishwasher is critical.  Consumer satisfaction is also based on many other features such as cleaning efficiency, setting options and load flexibility.  In a consumer review, the Bosch and Kenmore scored high customer satisfaction and noise levels.  Read more at consumersearch.

9.  A Pantry. The most common request for a kitchen remodel, is for a pantry.  If you don’t have appropriate space for a walk-in pantry you can place a tall cabinet (preferably 27″ wide or more), with 4-5 roll-out shelves.  Note: Roll-out shelves are essential to the functionality of a 24″ deep storage cabinet, especially when using it as a pantry, so don’t skimp on this feature.  There are also pull-out metal or wood units and swing-out units.

by Nicolette Patton


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