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Granada Tiles

February 2, 2010 , , ,

A Spanish-Style bathroom is great place to use a heavily patterned tile

A traditional seating area in Granada with antique rocking chairs, house plants and beautiful tile floors

Feeling a little nostalgic today, I googled a company in Granada, Nicaragua (where I met my husband) who makes beautiful handmade tiles “Granada Tiles”.  You can find these tiles throughout the historic district of Granada.   From these tiles, you can determine the age of the home, the social status of the homeowner, and of course, whether or not they have good taste.  These tiles are available for shipping in the US, and make great outdoor or indoor tiles.  We use these Spanish style decorative tiles a little more sparingly than in the homes of Central America, Mexico and Spain, but when used in quantity, they can be stunning!  Visit them at

A Colonial Hallway of Granada

A detailed tile border around a kitchen island

Fireplace- a great way to showcase Granada Tiles


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thank you for that great post on tiles. I love the one with the island and the tile border around it. The world has such wealth in materials and styles. I love it when people are willing to remodel outside the box and install interesting materials. I will soon post ome pictures of the most amazing colonial house that belongs to an art dealer in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Nar Bustamante

February 3, 2010

Thank you for posting this! I often have customers ask where they can find hand painted tile just like this, and until now I never knew where to send them!

Patty Williams

February 10, 2010

You are surely welcome Patty! You won’t be disappointed- I have seen these in almost every house in the Historic District of Granada, and they are AMAZING!!!


February 10, 2010

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