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The Importance of Professional Cabinet Installation

March 8, 2010 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

A few months ago we received a call from a local Designer, Gail L. Diehl, ASID, CKD, of El Dorado Hills.  She was in search of a cabinet installer for an upcoming Kitchen and Bath project that she had designed.  It was a big project with lots of cabinetry, so Gail knew that her cabinet installer would need extensive knowledge and experience to take on such a project.  She and her client ended up hiring Nar Fine Carpentry of Sacramento to do the install.

After a few weeks of installing, a beautiful kitchen had appeared.

Kitchen Design by Gail Diehl

Kitchen Design by Gail Diehl

Now let us talk about another approach.  Some homeowners think about cutting corners with their cabinet install, and have their handy husbands or brothers take on the job.  Even though we love your handy husbands as much as you do, in most cases we advise against this for several reasons;  Time, Money, Liability and Quality.

Time; professional cabinet installers have methods and specialized tools for each task involved in a cabinet installation.  The time it takes the average homeowner to do a mathematical layout, inventory of parts, leveling and squaring of bases and uppers, installation of sub-tops, trims and crown, and adjustments of doors, is usually double the time of that of a professional.

Money; it never fails that extra parts, pieces, doors or drawer fronts need to be ordered in absence of professional installers.  Maybe a crown stick wasn’t measured properly or the filler material was used for trim to ceiling, and now there is no trim to ceiling.

Liability; most manufactured cabinetry has a warranty that depends on correct installation.  For example, if a cabinet is installed on an un-level floor, and overtime, the drawer does not pull-out smoothly, this can be due to improper installation and may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The last reason being the most important- Quality; if you are spending $20,000 on cabinetry, think about the install price as an insurance that your wonderful new cabinetry will be taken care of with finesse, and the finished product will be installed with as much care as it took to design the space. Expect to pay 15-20% of your cabinet cost for its install.

We have all seen big box store kitchen display where the crown molding joints have gaps and the doors aren’t hanging square, and some of the drawers don’t open smoothly.  This is an example of how an expensive kitchen can be made to look cheap from install.

This post is not meant to scare those DIY gurus from installing cabinetry themselves, but it is meant as a warning to not cut one of the most important corners of your kitchen remodel.

As for Gail Diehl’s project, it came out smashing thanks to her creativity, an open-minded client, and expert installation by Nar Fine Carpentry.

Master Bath Design by Gail Diehl


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