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New & Green; Integrated Toilet & Sink Design

April 19, 2010 , ,

Profile Smart high efficiency toilet by Caroma

Occasionally new products will be introduced into the Kitchen and Bath Industry that are truly ingenious and original and not simply variations of past innovations.  The following is one of those (as Oprah says, an “A-ha moment”).

Caroma Bathroom Products of Australia recently introduced a new forward thinking toilet model that is sure to turn heads.  The new “Profile Smart” high-efficiency toilet is a design that was engineered to conserve water to the max.  It has an integrated sink above its tank that directs the drained water used in the sink, to the tank, which is stored for the next flush.  It has a 1.28 gallon single flush and 0.8 gallon half flush.

This model can work two-fold.  For extremely tight spaces where even a pedestal sink cannot fit, or just for the green-minded water conservationist.

The design of course, does contain some obvious flaws.  The sink bowl is positioned in a way that the toilet bowl interferes with the reach of the user.  I would like to see this same model with a right or left side access sink and faucet that is more accessible.

While doing my research, I discovered that recycling water from the sink to use for a toilet flush was not a brand new idea.  The AQUS Water Recycling System by Water Saver Technologies is an under-counter system that captures the used water, cleans and filters it and then redirects that water to the toilet.  Water Saver Tech. claims that in an average bathroom, a savings of 4,000- 6,000 gallons of water per year.  Wow!

AQUS Water Filter System

Water conservation will soon be another serious US issue, as it already is in many countries, so kudos to Coroma and AQUS for pioneering this idea.  I will be keeping my eyes open for variations of the Profile Smart and other bath products offered by Coroma and more systems like the AQUS.

by Nicolette Patton, AKBD


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This should be required. Water definitely will be a huge problem if we keep under estimating it’s value.

David Jarquin

April 20, 2010

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