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Metal Countertops?

May 1, 2010 , , , , , , ,

This blog is in response to a question posted on Remodel Q&A.

Q: What materials are used for metal countertops in kitchens?

A: There are several different metals that can be used for countertops.  The most popular being stainless steel, followed by copper, zinc, pewter and bronze.  I have done copper tops-in small amounts, ie: eating bars, eating tables, hutch or sideboard areas. Do remember that copper, zinc and pewter are soft materials that will patina and scratch over time.  The most durable would be stainless, which, is still likely to scratch.  Using metal in small amounts in your kitchen can bring in a different texture, uniqueness and style.  Depending on how you use it with your other materials, stainless tends to be cold and industrial, while a copper, zinc or pewter warm up a space.  You can get these in any different texture, finish or edge detail depending on the skills of your fabricator.  With copper, zinc or pewter, these can be anodized-rustic, hammered or reverse hammered, brushed or punched.  You can also create accents with a metal backsplash, hood, corbels, light fixtures, window sills or even an entire wall.  The photo below, was for the Rocklin RC Wiley Display, I used a rustic copper backsplash with a glass tile, it turned out sharp!  You will need to find a local sheet metal worker to fabricate your top. I use a local Sacramento metal worker who makes custom metal hoods, tops, frames, you name it, if it is metal, he can make it. He can also create a custom finish.

Custom Copper Backsplash on Display at Rocklin/Sacramento RC Wiley

Patinated Bronze Countertop with Integrated Sink (Brooks Custom)

Zinc Top (Photo Courtesy of Handcrafted Metal)

Hammered Copper Island (Photo Courtesy of Handcrafted Metal)

by Nicolette Patton, AKBD


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