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Child Safety in the Kitchen

May 20, 2010

Having children is a challenging job.  And one of the things parents must do when expecting children is to child-proof their homes.  Secure the bookcases and TV to the wall, put covers on electrical sockets and remove furniture with sharp edges, to name a few.  The kitchen is an especially dangerous place for children because it usually has a concentration of fire, sharp objects and hazardous chemical storage.  There are several products offered to aid in child-proofing a kitchen.  Here are some products that I found interesting and useful:

Magnetic Tot Lok

Magnetic Cabinet Door Latches like the “Magnetic Tot Lok” is a great way to latch cabinet doors from the inside without installing ugly hardware  on the fronts of your cabinets.  The Tot Lok key is loose to be kept with Mommy and when swiped over the latch location, the latch releases.  The only drawback to this is that your inside latch needs to be attached with 4 small screws in the back of the door.  This unit works with doors and drawers.

Stove Guard

A Stove Guard is always a good idea for small children as they are always reaching for things.  This model has a heat-resistant, plastic barrier that is tall enough to prevent reaching.  There are several models on the market to accommodate different stoves.  Some models attach behind the towel bar and also cover front knobs for protection against a toddler activating the stove.  Other models provide side protection as well.  The plastic models are safer than the wire models because children cannot stick fingers thru the gaps.

Stove Knob Covers

Stove Knob Covers can be used for the front access knobs.  These covers are oversized to fit different stove knobs up to 2 1/2″ and are hinged for adult access.  These covers are heat-resistant and won’t make your kitchen look hideous.





Oven Front Lock

This Oven Lock is non-obtrusive and is located on the top rather than the side and it attaches with adhesive.  This lock prevents the oven to be opened unless the latch is moved to the side (hopefully your toddler doesn’t figure this one out).




Refrigerator Guard

Another culprit of curiosity is the refrigerator.  If your toddler can muster the strength to open the refrigerator door, you may want to attach a Refrigerator Lock.  This mounts as on the side and is pressed in when opening the door to release latch.  This comes in white or clear.

These are some essentials for ensuring that your kitchen is safe for your children.  In addition to these accessories, always store your cleaning products and medications in an upper cabinet where the children cannot access it.  Also store your knives in a drawer rather than a countertop block, and make sure that drawer has a lock or latch.  Another good measure is to unplug all countertop appliances such as the toaster, blender and coffee maker when they are not in use.

We love our children, but they can be sneaky when Mommy goes for a 2 minute bathroom break, so take the necessary measures to make sure that they are safe, even if we take our eyes off of them for a few seconds.  Many of the products mentioned above can be found at Kid Safe Home Safety Products online.

by Nicolette Patton, AKBD


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