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The Single Double Wall Oven by GE

June 6, 2010 , ,

Designing kitchens is about giving clients their dream cooking space.  Unfortunately, it is also about compromise.  Space restrictions and limitations are always present in remodels, which is why people hire kitchen designers- to arrive at a create solution for their needs and expectations.  In a small or medium kitchen, we don’t always have room for a double oven and a built-in microwave, which is why the GE Profile Single Double Wall Oven is very exciting.  This model provides a full size 2.8 cubic foot and a smaller top section of 2.2 cubic feet within the space of a standard 30″ wall oven.

GE Profile Single Double Wall Oven

I can’t tell you how many times I have put in double ovens for clients who use 2 ovens at the same time for holidays only.  And lets face it, the turkey goes in one oven, while the casseroles, breads and stuffings go in the other.  Do you really need a full size oven for a casserole?  Not usually, which is why the GE Single Double is the perfect solution for the small or medium kitchen who want the full size appliances.  This will give you the space for the microwave oven combination stack (as seen in the below video) without having to place the microwave in a base cabinet or use another 30″ of tall space.

Check out this clip from KBIS 2010:

GE Profile Single Double Interior

As you can see, the bottom interior has plenty of room for that holiday turkey, while the top is particle for everyday Pyrex, cookie sheets and of course pizza creations.  A great innovation that I will surely be integrating in my designs!

By Nicolette Patton, AKBD


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