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The End of my Microwave

January 24, 2011 , , ,

I always found it odd when I talked to people who do not use/ own a microwave.  Growing up, it was a permanent fixture in my parents kitchen.  And it was not until I was a teenager that someone told me not to stand in front of a microwave when it was in use.  And recently having a baby myself, got me thinking about the dangers of the microwave around my baby.  There are many layers to the argument against the microwave, beginning with nutritional change in foods cooked with microwaves.   Some studies even go so far as to prove that some ingredients in foods can be turned directly into carcinogens.  Then there is also the radiation that is emitted from microwaving.  And the list goes on; Cancer causing effects, Biological effects of exposure etc.  Russia went so far as to ban microwaves in 1976 .

Call it my new mothers intuition, but before doing my research, I decided to bag the microwave- my husband was ecstatic as he hated looking at the eye sore.  At first I was afraid that I would miss it, but three weeks later I have not missed it one bit.  And all of the warming of leftovers can be easily heated on the stovetop.  Of course another alternative to microwave cooking is using a toaster oven (another future blog entry).

The end result is that throwing my microwave out has left me feeling liberated and a bit more healthy.  Never again will a microwave appear in my kitchen, and I suspect that more people will be doing the same.  As a kitchen designer, I am split- on the one hand, the majority of people use microwaves and it is always better to build-in an appliance than have it become a countertops appliance, on the other hand, I just wrote this blog article.  Like anything else, it is a matter of personal preference, but now I understand those few “odd” people who do not use microwaves- they were ten steps ahead of me.


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