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Anti Fatigue Mats, Thank You!

August 31, 2011 , ,

Does kitchen work tire you out?  Since my son was born, we decided to enforce a “No shoes in the house” rule, that in turn, has created some pain in my kitchen.  With bare feet, dishes and kitchen work has become very tiring and painful for my back and feet.

I had been seeing the memory foam mats for the bathroom, and thought to get one for the kitchen, but it would be hard to clean.  So I began searching for an easily clean-able kitchen mat that would relieve my pain.

At last, I purchased an Anti Fatigue mat for my kitchen sink.  Not only is it extremely comfortable on the feet, but it wipes clean, and it is attractive.  It is the Gel Pro Basketweave in Truffle.

Gel Pro- Basketweave Truffle

I couldn’t believe how this gave me more energy to clean and work…  please don’t tell my husband!  I can’t believe I had lived without it for all these years.  I offered one to my mother, and I am recommending it to all my clients and friends.

The Gel Pro is designed with a shock-absorbing gel core that relieves pressure from your back, feet and joints.  It is available in 45 colors and 10 patterns.  Amazing!

Gel Pro Mat Assortment

I have also found other brands that offer Anti fatigue mats, such as the Wellness Mat, who boast that their spongy material will never lose their bounce.  And they too offer attractive colors and patterns.

Wellness Mat

I highly recommend the Gel Pro as an Anti fatigue mat, it worked wonders for me!


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I’m a huge fan of anti-fatigue mats as well. Our store sells them and they are a huge hit among businesses. Personally, I find them pretty comfortable! By the way, your website looks awesome. Love the design. Is there a way to make the content window a little bigger? There is a horizontal scroll bar there, not sure if you intended to have that. Looks like the images may have caused it. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience! I’m glad I found your blog… bookmarked! 🙂

Eagle Mat

September 6, 2011

Thank You! And thanks for the tip! I looked at your website too, and you have some very nice items for businesses and commercial applications. My feet are so thankful for this mat. Thanks for the bookmark!


September 7, 2011

This is the first that I have seen of these, I would love to try them sometime. They must be relaxing, but would make me want to sit down and relax even more!

John Batt

October 14, 2011

These mats keep you going, they make them in all different sizes, so you can get a long one to reach your range and sink. Totally worth the money!


October 14, 2011

Very nice looking mats. I use foam mats in my kitchen and work shop and they work great. I don’t know much about the Gel mats but I’m sure that they will do the job. and they look great.
thanks jim

jim leduc

November 2, 2011

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