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You can scroll the shelf using and keys

Touch-Open Cabinets; Blum’s Servo-Drive for any Cabinet

January 6, 2012 , , , , , , , , , , ,

Taking the touch-latch even further, Blum has re-invented ServoDrive for use in cabinet access.  Servo Drive is an advanced motion control motor.  What that means for the kitchen, a great hands-free way to access storage.  Most people are familiar with the soft-close drawer system that is built into the drawer slide that catches the drawer before closing to pull the drawer in without noise.  Servo Drive by Blum, takes it one step further.  If you haven’t seen Blum’s ServoDrive video with their catchy theme song, don’t worry, I will spare you.  But do watch this.

As you can see in the video, a touch of the face of the drawer, and it opens.  This also works for wall lift cabinets.  Such as the Blum Aventos hinge, which can open up in 4 different configurations.

Blum Lift Stay

Blum Lift Up

Blum Up and Over

Blum Bi-fold Lift

These types of door operation are mainly seen in more contemporary kitchens, but because they open up instead of side to side, they can be a bit difficult to grab the handle to close.

I recently ran into this situation on one of my kitchen jobs that required the Bi-fold lift door.  We used the bi-fold lift door because we had clearance constraints due to an oversized hood.  But when we opened the Bi-fold lift it was too difficult for my client to close.  So here was our Servo-Drive solution (the video is taken from YouTube):

With the touch of a button on the bottom of the cabinet, the door comes down.  VOILA!

Servo-Drive requires a power source, transformer, and a sharp installer.  As my Blum Rep says, “it’s not cheap”, but it can certainly be useful in certain situations, especially the trash cabinet.


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