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FP Ceramic & Gas

September 15, 2011 , ,

No, I am not talking about the tall soda I drank for lunch, but rather a new and genius product from Fisher Paykel.  Before the dish drawer came out in 2004, there were few Americans who had heard of Fisher Paykel.  Now, with some of its manufacturing plants in the U.S., and energy saving product innovations, Fisher Paykel is now a recognized appliance brand.

Recently, a client has specified they HAVE TO HAVE the Fisher Paykel cooling drawer.  When I found out it was an entire 36″ wide and will take an entire base cabinet, I thought, we’ll have to find something smaller because this kitchen was small and tight.  Wow, was the client disappointed with my response.  “It does so many things” says my client, “I can’t settle for anything less!”

When I did my research about this cooling drawer, I learned that it is in fact, an all-in-one unit, a wine chiller, crisper drawer, beverage cooler, and it even has a setting for a pantry.  And how can you argue with an Australian accent?  Here is how it works;

Oh yes, back to my point…  I am also thoroughly impressed with the newest release of the Ceramic & Gas cooktop that utilizes an easily cleanable glass surface with the ideal cooking medium of gas.

While this cooktop only has 3 burners within the 36″ unit, it is evenly spaced to accommodate everyday cooking.  And lets face it, who uses 4 or 5 burners simultaneously?  This video illustrates how this unique product works,

I can guarantee that either of these products work their way into your kitchen remodel, they will be your new favorite appliance.


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I really like the look of these new cooktops. I briefly caught a glimpse of some online a few weeks ago, and am still as impressed with them now as I was then. The fact that they are so well hidden and they pop up out of the work surface is brilliant, and with the touch controls, will fit in perfectly into any new design kitchen.

John Batt

September 26, 2011

Yes! That’s why I wrote about them, this is a cooktop that takes it to the next level! Fisher Paykel is always thinking ahead.


October 14, 2011

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